Multipurpose Cloth Airer Folding Dryer
Multipurpose Cloth Airer Folding Dryer
Multipurpose Cloth Airer Folding Dryer
Multipurpose Cloth Airer Folding Dryer

Multipurpose Cloth Airer Folding Dryer

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Electric Air Clothes Dryer Mini Blue Fast Drying Machine Multipurpose Cloth Airer Folding Dryer Portable Secadora De Ropa 

Item Specifications:

800W portable electric dryers household dryer
In the cold, wet winter
Drying clothes quilt to help you in 20 minutes to 1 hour.
Simple, drying clothes into the dryer, within one hour, clothes dry.
You can disassemble, you can set the timing, essential travel home.
Material: Nylon
Color: Blue
Power: 220V / 50HZ
Features: Heater / Dryer / Hangers / Efficient Sterilization
Size: 50 * 50 * 90cm
Size Folded: 29 * 29 * 7cm
Packing Size: 30* 30* 15cm
After drying water the drying time:
Shirt, T-shirt --30 to 60 minutes
Suit trousers --50 to 90 minutes
Jeans, jackets --80 to 120 minutes
Static dryer:
1. Drying process to avoid friction between pleated wrinkled clothes, the clothes do not wear, do not shrink.
2. Avoid the traditional drying clothes fade easily hidden. Any material suitable clothing.
Prevent secondary pollution: clothing and the outside world, no dust, insects, bacteria invade.
Sterilization effect: When the dryer is working properly, the internal temperature up to 70 degrees, sterilization 99.3%.
Use Tubular 360 oversized three-dimensional angle air supply, with large amount of wind, blowing wide area, drying speed and so on.
Folding: large capacity, small size, light weight, easy handling, easy to carry, to save space. Ease of travel, travel.
Energy-saving, automatic adjustment: Compared with similar products, energy saving 50%. Drying time can be set automatically.
Fast, safe: drying time of just 20 to 60 minutes. Constant temperature heating process is safe and reliable.
Multipurpose: Also for drying shoes, hats, infant supplies, any desired drying clothes and other leather products.
All accessories can be accommodated in a handbag may be provided, making it easy to carry and storage.
After drying, clothes do not need ironing. When not used as a clothes closet, storage cabinets satisfied.
Package Included:
1 x Motor (Original Packet)
1 x Outer nylon structure
1 x Carrying bag
1 x Elongated hanger(With 8 Clothespins)
1 x Round hanger(With 9 Clothespins)
3 x Laundry Rack
4 x Non-Slip Mats
1 x Instruction


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