Jade Roller Facial Massage
Jade Roller Facial Massage

Jade Roller Facial Massage

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Jade Roller Facial Massage

Jade has been used by powerful & rich Asian women for thousands of years in China, If you're tired of your wrinkled, dark, or dry skin but don't want to use harmful skin care creams, then our Jade Roller Facial Massage is exactly the All-Natural skincare product you've been looking for!  


  • This Roller made of 100% jade improves blood circulation to the face, releases tension in facial muscles.
  • Works to reduce wrinkles; can be used for a facial massage that assists in detoxification as it improves lymphatic drainage and decreases puffiness; promotes cellular turnover for a brighter look.
  • Using the roller after applying skincare aids in promoting better absorption of serums and oils.
  •  The dual-ended tool helps minimize the appearance of dark under eye circles and tighten pores with Jade’s healing properties; improves definition around jawline and cheekbones.

What you get:  1x Jade Roller Facial Massager



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